Best way to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Step 1: Do a 3-day juice body detox
All fruits and vegetables must be organic:
Kale, Broccoli, spinach, Collard greens, green apples,Cucumber (not as bad if you peel the skin)and Bok Choy
(green grapes, cranberries, lemons and ginger (to make your juice taste great)Ps you don't have to use them all at once.
Drink your vegetable juice right away or no later than 20 minutes after you made it.

Step 2: Day 4-6 do some form of aerobic exercise (at least 25 minutes of walking, jogging, swimming etc...)

Step 3: Day 4-7 continue to juice but only once as soon as you wake up, make sure that you drink enough juice to replace your breakfast. Make 5-6 meals per day with the following ingredients only: Protein: chicken breast, Turkey and organic boiled eggs. Carbs: Quinoa, oatmeal and 1 slice of whole eat bread maximum per day) Vegetables: all the ones that I mentioned before for juicing as much as you want to eat. Fruits: not allowed from day 4-7.
Step 4: Congratulations you made it and lost 10lbs or more!!!

I am not a Dr. or personal trainer but I have effectively followed these steps at least 8 times in the past 5 years and it works every time. I hope you guys could add some inputs on my diet.

All the best!!!!!

 I tried the whole veggie/fruit detox thing and it actually works well....makes you feel a shit ton better. I was suprised how much I liked the smoothies with spinach and Kale lol

You are absolutely right! You can just see your skin glowing with just a few days and the fat melting away. I will juice forever!!!

Stupid question but fuck it, if the I exercise more than you say in the OP will it make a big difference? Going away to university in september and I want to drop 20 pounds or so, so if this does 10 in a week I can definetly pull it off.

Might try this. Phone Post

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The only reason why I recommend exercising 25 minutes is because you will be on a calorie deficit followed by the first 3 days that you juiced. Unless you are a fighter that needs to loose weight for a fight I wouldn't recommend anyone to safely loose more than 10 lbs in one week. Cheers!!!

Expect to burn off a decent amount of muscle by doing this Phone Post

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GimmeTwoTacos - Even though I disagree with crash diets, and the ops method, juicing is the single best health change you can make.

I say this because there is no way to add as many fresh vegetables to your diet as there is with juicing.

Blending will get you 1/4 as many vegetables, plain and simple.

If you're not getting enough fiber, it's your own fault, and not the juicers.

I'm finishing off the following as we speak, before I go mountain biking for 4-5 hours:

Eggplant, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, celery, red bell pepper, ginger

Kiwi, blueberries, 3 cups raw oats, 1 whole avocado, cacao powder, pomegranate juice, 25 grams whey protein, walnuts, kale

Altogether this is about 1.5 quarts, and blows fad diets into the weeds.

Once you start juicing, you'll lose weight, smell better, look better, and feel better. Blender nazis are dipshits. I'll quadruple they're best attempt at fresh vegetable intake, then chase them down the block with my own blends that outdo theirs. All day, every day. With 3 fat morning shits, me and my jack la lanne costco juicer and a walmart cuisinart blender will kick the hyped out $400 vitamix gimps in their hyperflatulent asses on the way out the door. Phone Post

I own both a juicer and a high end blender. Either is going to be great for your health but I rarely juice based on clean up time alone. Phone Post

 diet sounds sound... I'm more impressed with the fact this is ur first post... new members should take note.




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Or you could do it right and cut out processed sugars and simple carbs, and do HIIT 4-5 times a week.

Juicing and cardio = catabolism. Phone Post

Great post!

I tried something similar to this in high school for wrestling season. I lost 20lbs in less than a month. Phone Post

Week-long coke binge. Phone Post

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