Better elbow finish: Prochazka or Yair?

Which one was more impressive?

Yair’s was much more creative, never seen an elbow from that angle before.


Definitely Yair. Both were awesome though.


Yairs obviously was way more skillful. I love the way Jiri fights but that looked like an accident almost


Yair pulled off a matrix like strike. Anderson had a sick elbow finish vs Tony Frykland, that’s a better comparison.


This. Yair’s was unique and totally unexpected, and at 4m59sec of the 5th round! And he was losing!

But that Jiri-Reyes bout was more exciting. What a fight!

Edit: Reyes landing was so brutal. It looked like he broke his neck hitting the floor.


Yeah, nasty landing for sure.

Can’t stand Yair, but he gets the nod here.

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Yair. Unique, unexpected and a buzzer beater.

Jiri’s is also masterpiece. That was beautifully timed and placed. Reyes couldve suffered some cervical damage from that fall.

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Shonie Carter’s spinning forearm (marketed as a bitch slap) against Serra deserves an honorable mention as well.

Yar-ear for sure. Why’s nobody mentioning Jiri’s blatant eye poke before the finish??


He seems like a douche but that elbow was amazing.

Fuck em, but props due for that

yairs was a hail mary after he had lost almost 5 rounds

jiri was winning and bound to finish sooner or later


Yair’s will live forever for that reason. TKZ beat the fuck out of him and he pulled a rabit out of his hat with a strike we have never seen. Amazing stuff.

Jiri’s might be better without any context – just comparing strikes.


Tkz gave it to him with the unnecessary aggression, sadly.

I recall Yair wanting to play buddy-buddy at the end, and TKZ wanting none of that. Then he got that elbow from hell.

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Yeah, but Yair’s annoyed me because it fucked up a 4 fight parlay for me and happened at 4:59 of the main event. It was amazing, but it wasn’t even a real technique. It was incredibly lucky, and not a strike he’ll ever land again. IMO, Jiri’s was the better finish because it’s an actual technique he’ll use again and landed as intended. That’s more impressive to me that Yair landing a weird elbow that he’s unlikely to even throw again.


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I think Yair’s was a way cooler moment when you consider that he was 2 seconds away from losing.

Still I loved Jiri’s just because of how he set it up, it was also super awesome.

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In a weird way I feel like the fact that it’s a strike that we’ll probably never even see again, much less see successfully, that’s why Yair’s elbow was just more special.

Yeah sure, it was weird, unique, and not something you can replicate. But to me that’s just why it’s a better elbow finish, because we’ll never see it again.

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