Betting question

I live in Canada and I have two friends going to the vegas show. I'm giving my friend $100US to place a bet on the Penn/Hughes fight (I'm only placing the bet if odds are better than 3:1 in favor of Hughes).

My question is, can he just place the bet in Vegas and how hard is it to do? I just don't want this guy going out of his way running around and shit. Basically, I don't want him to go through any inconvenience before the fights.

I've never placed a bet in Vegas and the only bets I've placed here in Canada are with bookies but they won't take bets on UFC fights for some reason.

I never asked why they'd never take ufc bets but they just won't.

He's of legal age. thanks for the answer. one last question...How easy is it to do from where the event is? i just don't want him running around for me and missing the show etc.

Last question for real...what are the hughes/penn odds as of now?