BEWARE! Marcelo Garcia DVD's

ok guys heres my take on these dvds.being that i am not a bjj guy i found that these videos were awesome for no -gi grappling. i am really happy with all the videos. the only one i did not enjoy that much was the arm drag one because i come from a wrestling background and already knew all the moves he showed. but everything else is awesome in my eyes. eddie bravo had posted about a week ago saying how much he loved these dvds and i agree with him. thats my two cents.

I really liked the DVDS, The arm drag Dvd really is only 2 moves
with a lot of detail, but this is what makes the series great

Garcia shows you all the little details and variations. Its basically
arm drag to back hooks in and choke.

The variations are like what if he blocks the 2nd hook, what if he
tucks the chin. This is an awesome dvd.

My second favorite was the x Guard, I liked some of the varaitions
he showed and I have already tried some of the sweeps from this

Also the voice dub in is very well done, Ive seen some where the
guy talks for two minutes in portugese and then in english the
voice over will be "move closer"

I really like this sereis menu and chapter breaks plus fight footage
of some of the moves live.

His rear naked set ups alone are priceless.

Marcelo is a grappling genius.

Someone else wrote another review on this video:;action=display;threadid=24080

Someone please add the link so others can click on it. This review is worth reading...



I REALLY liked the series. I thought it was one of the few that presented a strategy or "game" for the position.

I am tired of seeing technique after technique. I want to see principles and approaches conveyed in detail. I want to see the game from the instructor's perspective, not the camera's.

I agree with Eddie Bravo and Andre.

You get frustrated because he spends time to explain one move in fine detail and the set ups, and counters, and variations of the move that he has much success with.

This DVD set is great!

By the way did I mention that you can purchase this DVD set at

I agree with Ashby. It was a good tape set but did not have 150 dollars worth of information. A friend mentioned that he picked up a lot of details by watching Marcelo move and that Marcelo did not explicitly point out these details in the actual tapes.