BEWARE! Marcelo Garcia DVD's

These are interesting moves, but he stretches 2 moves into 1 dvd.

Yes it has details, but this "out does" the old original gracie tapes as far as milking it! Talking about 1 move for too long.

Most people use the closed guard, so I don't see much use for the X-Guard unless you will be competing in Abu Dhabi.

The way I see it, he has submitted opponents with a particular move and now he's charging $25 to explain 1 or 2 moves.

Does anyone know where to get tapes on the butterfly guard? I havn't seen any.

Again, they may be innovative moves, but how about sharing a little more than 2 moves per tape to give it more value.

Sorry for the complaining, I'm just frustrated after spending $150....

Any comments or differences of opinion? Please do tell...


Lets go guys. I've heard so many people talking these techniques up! Are they worth the cost??

Even if it were one move, if you are using it and kicking ass it is worth it!

I'll definately give the moves a shot. I'm just used to getting more useful moves per buck!

The Kukuk videos show many many useful moves...

Where is Eddy Bravo! He was talking these moves up! Of course he will be able to test them out in Abu Dhabi..

Someone change my mind! I want to know if this style is being used in very many jiu jitsu classes or only at the princes palace.

My friend has been taking peoples backs in class like nothing lately, after picking up the dvds. He says they're well worth it.

lol at ashby. Would you like 50 moves on one DVD? When I took my first private with Renzo he said something that has stuck with me for the last 6 yrs."If you want to show someone nothing, show them everything."

Be glad MArcello showed two moves in great detail instead of 50 moves with no details.

I did a seminar with Matty Serra and he showed 16 steps in passing guard correctly. It took over 30 mins to communicate it all. And that was just one, single guard pass.

Less is more.

but 1 move for $150?

i understand less is more and i agree. But maybe 5. A seminar you pay for has atleast that many.

ashby, you could just look at this as a private. I have had private lessons where it was 2 moves (w/ ALOT of detail to each move and all the nuances). if that's the case, the dvd is worth it. and i NEVER use the closed guard. ALOT of people i know don't.

"lol at ashby. Would you like 50 moves on one DVD? When I took my first private with Renzo he said something that has stuck with me for the last 6 yrs.'If you want to show someone nothing, show them everything.'"

"Be glad MArcello showed two moves in great detail instead of 50 moves with no details."


That's true for private lessons where you will forget everything you saw if you were given too much information.

That's not true on a DVD, where you can play it over and over again to show you the details, and you can decide to focus on one move at a time.

If the a full length Garcia DVD really only shows 2 moves, that's messed up.

Well, considering that I just started watching the passing the guard DVD, and had to take a break to review after the eighth move (I'm not sure how many more there are), I have no idea what this "2 move per tape" Bull shit is all about. The moves per tape seems to be about the same as the Sperry series'. Sure there aren't hundreds of moves, but there are a decent number of solid techs, shown in great detail, so that you can learn new moves and improve on moves you have seen before.

I have also heard the tapes are great.

OK Kirik...

Now I'm interested in Serra's 16 step 30 minute guard pass. This is a weak area for me! Any help??

Personally I liked the DVDs.Much like Sperry,they seem to teach a fight strategy,more than a bunch of techniques.In other words,this is what works for him.Everything won't work for everybody,but even at 55,I can make most of this stuff work.

ashby,Sperry Submission Grappling,Michel Jens,& Medeiros all have butterfly guard videos.(benzo)

Thanks for the info Benzo. I know.... I have a lot of catching up to do. How does the butterfly guard compare to the closed guard?

ashby:I think you don´t know what are you talking about the dvd´s are great in my opinion and I have over 400 tapes. They have really improved my game, maybe you need more train more to understand them because if you can get 3 moves per dvd that you can make on anybody then they worth the money for sure.Mario

ashby,It doesn't.It's a completely different strategy of how to play the game.It seems to me that some guys seem to favor the saftey & security of the closed guard,while others favor the adventure & flexability of the numerous open guard styles.The next time your doing takedowns,try going to a seated guard attack,many just don't know what to do against it as you chase them around the mat while sitting on your butt.(benzo)

I'll just have to get off my ass and start experimenting with the butterfly guard.

I just havn't seen many people use it here in this area.

ashby,The thing about tapes is this.Perhaps the newest techniques are not what you need at the particular level your at.Everybody wants to get the newest stuff,when you need to have the building blocks to get there first.If you just started & bought the Garcia tapes,& that's the only thing you knew,it wouldn't be long before you came to the conclusion that it won't work.After watching Garcia the first time,I went back & rewatched Sperry Submission Grappling tape #5 for a refresher.Garcia builds on Sperry.(benzo)