Big Bison and Ivan show great Kettle bell workout for STRONG abs and arms

Barbells and dumbells are fine for mobility as long as you only lift weights you can do with a full range of motion.

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thanks for bumping up my thread faggot

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thanks for bumping up my thread faggot…

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Lol. 35 lbs. that’s really cute. Literally my girlfriend who weighs 125 lbs was working out daily with 30 pounders daily last year. Kettlebells workouts = You have a vagina. Ever hear of a squat rack? Or a deadlift?

I love how you keep posting other mens workouts though. Maybe bless us with a pic of your results. I can guarantee you have no negligible results and look exactly the same as 1 year ago

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great to see the support for kettle bell training

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