Big Brown Beatdown

Schaub could play mind games?!

Hes really not a big thinker, are you sure?


She still sounds like a cunt

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“Listen Daddies, Runduh couldn handle my 8 inches B. dun know where she got minded games from, pure cawlmedy. Maybe she will get to go to the mothership and tell Joegs.”


Schaub was too much man for her, she had to settle for the little dude that beat the living shit out of him.

Schaub is now married to a do nothing bitch that gets her retarded fanny out on Instagram.

Huh?..we talm bout mine gaims b?

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The miniest Bapa

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She always has been


“He didnt want to be seen as 'Rondas boyfriend”
Instead he wanted to be seen as Brian Callens boytoy and Rogans whipping boy.

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Dude is straight bullying callen lately

You have to be a special kind of cunt to make me side with Brendan Schaub.

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Lousy Ronda Rousey

Comes to something where I’m inclined to take his side immediately. :rofl: