Big Congrats to Greg Compton!!!

for those who don't know yet; Greg fought TWICE last night in the UGC, and came out with two wins!

I want to be the first to offer my congratulations on your great performance Greg, you trained hard and I hope that training with us helped!

Looking forward to hearing more.

Take Care


Ronin MMA

congrats greg

Excellent work Greg!


Greg Compton!!!! Great work bro!

Greayt job Greg!

Awesome Greg!

Give us the lowdown on how the fights went. That black eye you had a few weeks ago must have given you the edge:)

Hey Bro...

I am very proud of you!!!!!Awesome job!!!!

Take care.


Ronin MMA

I told you your hard work would pay off, great job bro!!

See you on the mats!


Ronin MMA

BTT Canada

Winning two fights in one night eh?....


What's with all these old buggers winning two fights in one night ??

Eh, Wayne ?


Watch your mouth, calling me old!! LOL Im only 28, Shamrock KO'ed Kimo tonight and he's 41!!

ttyl, Greg

Greg, that jab was intended for that old bastard Wayne...


Congrats Greg!

JHR, I'm actually young....but Greg's younger.

Yahoo for Oil Of Olay...and Jiu Jitsu! ;)

Congrats Greg.See you at Ronin when you're on Ottawa.

Anthony D'Ambrosio.

Awesome performance Greg, I was very impressed. You trained hard for this, and deserved both wins.


Awesome Greg, congrats! (I had no doubts) Your hard work and determination definitely paid off!!!

once again, congrats bro, you're prolly still riding the wave ;)

Congrats Greg I am really proud of you! All that hard work paid off bro!!!!