BIG JOHN book for charity


Just wanted to spread the news about this charity auction we're running for a signed Big John McCarthy book.

This auction is for a signed copy of “Big” John McCarthy’s new book “Lets Get It On!” (published by Medallion Press and written with Loretta Hunt).

The book was graciously donated by “Big” John McCarthy himself.

All proceeds from this auction will go to Southern California Crossroads, a non-profit organization which was created to assist under privileged youth who come from low income families in violence plagued communities. The objective at Southern California Crossroads is to lead these young people to a healthy, peaceful, productive lifestyle through prevention, intervention and re-entry services.

This auction is for a fantastic cause and offers a chance to own a great piece of MMA memorabilia.

If the winning bidder is in Southern California and attending the U of MMA event on Sunday, October 21st at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles then the book can be picked up in person (or it can always be mailed).

Any questions regarding the book please message us!

Thanks and happy bidding!

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Here's a photo of the book:
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Crap forgot how to do this. Here's the link:

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Thanks guys!

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Big John's book is solid. I picked up a copy at the last UofMMA show-- which is a great show!

Good stuff, Turi & Big John.

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