Big John Talks Beast Stoppage

Renowned former referee John McCarthy has given his take on the controversial stoppage in the heavyweight fight between Derrick Lewis and Sergei Pavlovich.

This past weekend at UFC 277, Lewis looked to break his streak of Texas defeats, which has seen him bested in his home state by Ciryl Gane last September and Tai Tuivasa in February this year.

But unfortunately for “The Black Beast,” he didn’t improve on his recent record in “The Lone Star State,” with Russia’s Pavlovich securing a six-place rise up the heavyweight ladder thanks to a first-round TKO win in Dallas.
However, the result wasn’t without controversy, with many fighters, fans, and pundits claiming that Referee Dan Miragliotta stepped in to bring an end to the contest too soon.

The latest to share that sentiment is Miragliotta’s former colleague, “Big” John McCarthy.

McCarthy: Lewis/Pavlovich Stoppage Was Early

During a recent episode of the Weighing In podcast, McCarthy reflected on UFC 277 alongside co-host and fellow Bellator analyst Josh Thomson.

When discussing the much-debated stoppage in the main-card heavyweight clash, McCarthy judged that while Miragliotta had Lewis’ protection in mind, he stepped in too soon, especially considering the veteran heavyweight’s habit of going down ‘face down, ass up’ when he gets hit.

“I did not agree, you know. The stoppage, I thought it was early,” McCarthy said. “Because you know those guys going into the fight. It’s not like these are new, young guys. You know what Derrick Lewis does. You know that he has come back in fights where he has been hit and has gone down.

“And you know the way that he does go down. He doesn’t usually go to his butt. He tends to go towards (the ground), face-down, ass-up position, but he tries to fight his way through it. You’ve gotta give him that time,” McCarthy added. “But I know Dan was trying to protect him.” (h/t Sportskeeda MMA)

While a host of notable figures backed the early stoppage claim online, including Canadian journalist Ariel Helwani, many supported Miragliotta’s decision to end the fight as Lewis was sent to the ground. Welterweight contender Stephen Thompson suggested that the result would have been no different had “The Black Beast” been allowed more time to recover.

“I don’t think (it was early). I mean, referee, it could have gone either way,” Thompson said during an episode of his YouTube podcast. “He would have gotten finished. I mean, even if he would have carried on going, he would have gotten finished.”

Although many appeared infuriated by the stoppage, the split view among the fanbase would certainly suggest that it’s not as clear cut as some would like to think.

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Ya, well, Derrick’s face-down, ass-up style just so happens to mimic the physical reaction of someone getting knocked into orbit. The ref doesnt have a crystal ball to know whether you’re doing your thang or about to sustain 15 uncontested jackhammers to the head since you stopped protecting yourself. I live DL and Im indifferent towards Miragliotta, but jeesh. I dont see all the controversy. Maybe in real time, but he got beat the fuck up by a giant russian until part of his 3 point stance was his fucking forehead.


I fully agree with McCarthy here, it was an early stoppage.
I had my money on pavlovich, but you have to let them fight til the end.

If they cant take anymore hits, they can tap out anytime, no need for babysitting grown ass killers.


Very rude of him to say face down ass up is his style hahahaha that was hilarious



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That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on the UG today, but it has been a slow day.

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For Who ?

Me. Why? Did I miss some fart curtains or a meat up?

No LOL Lotta Noooos I posted today , my fingers hurt

Fighter Safety is the Referee’s #1 Priority. Wrong or Right, Dan is an experienced Ref. Either way, Lewis can fight again and didn’t sustain any further damage.

You can tap out while unconscious? Sweet. Every fight should be a death match.

Of course their is also the possibility of getting knocked out, which was not the case in the lewis fight.

You guys just dont want to understand me on purpose, which is called ignorance.
Of course you also can get knocked out, but this wasnt the fuckin case in the lewis fight.
Use your brain.

There was a time when BJM was the king of early standups.And for a long ass time.

He was feeling the pressure from someone like John McCain & others.

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Need to go back to the first three UFC’s criteria for stoppages.

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nana changing GIF

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