Big Nog wants title run, five more years fighting

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                                Big Nog wants title run, five more years fighting

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                    <p>Rodrigo Nogueira is returning to the Octagon at UFC Rio in August, after an 18 month layoff for surgery and recovery. Across from the Octagon will be Brendan Schaub.&nbsp; UFC  president Dana White has declared that the winner is  &ldquo;in the mix&rdquo; at the top of the heavyweight division.</p>

But 'Biog Nog's' team mate Junior Dos Santos says the return is too soon. And many fans feel the time for retirement has come for the legend.

“I have to disagree with Junior. I am a professional fighter and make my living fighting. The injuries were messing with me for a long time and I decided to go under knife to get healed from the setbacks. My recovery was very good and the doctors and my physical therapist gave me the guarantee that I could perform."

“I am 100 per cent recovered. Some moves that previously bothered me don’t mess me up anymore. The chance to fight in Rio was unique and I accepted to fight in Brazil immediately… I think it is still early to speak about retirement."

“Regardless of victory or loss, I believe I want to fight for five years and so I don’t even begin to think about quitting."

“I root so much for Cigano. The boy deserves the belt. We’re a team but I still intend to look for the title again. I received the green signal from the doctors so I had no reason to postpone my comeback. I will have enough time to prepare for the fight in Rio and I hope to please my fans with a great performance."

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5 years?!

If his next couple fights end badly, and he comes out like the Nog that fought Mir , then maybe he should hang them up.

He'll get knocked out by schaub Phone Post

Five years. Please no. No no no. Phone Post

There are few things in MMA I'd rather see than Nog fighting for the title again - but he will never come close. If Junior says the fight comes too soon, then I'm worried about this one. Rodrigo might have been blinded a bit by the opportunity to fight in Rio.

I don't ever want to think a bout Big Nog retiring, but I couldn't bear to see him look like he looked in the Mir fight.

I hope like hell he comes back as good as ever.


It would seriously suck to see him lose to Schaub.

 I'm willing to give Nog the benefit of the doubt, it seems pretty obvious that he was physically a wreck going into the Mir and Cain fights.

 I wasn't very impressed with Schaub in the Mirko fight.  He was fighting a corpse and wasn't winning by a wide margin before the KO.  If this fight goes to the floor Nog is going to show him shit he's never seen before.  I also hate the way Schaub is getting to fight legend after legend to make a name for himself, reminds me of when every WW saw Hughes lose a step and suddenly wanted to fight him.


I think I'm picking Minotauro in the upset. 

 Something else...this fight is in Rio.  If it's close at all, I like the Brazilian guy to get the nod.

 if he loses to Brandon, I hope he is able to retire...

5 more years, thats a LONG time in MMA. I hope for him this does't happen. He is a legend and it would be very sad to see him gradually go downhill. Phone Post

It's admirable and a good attitude to have in wanting to fight 5 more years but it's not reality... no matter how good his body feels going unconscious or going limp has become a learned response in his brain and it's only going to get worse each time he gets knocked out.

Jeven -  He'll get knocked out by schaub Phone Post
You shut the fuck up and take that back, NOW!


Good luck Minautauro...I like this fighter but 5 years is a long time for a guy who already fought a lot !!!

 Very few guys can return to form after that at that age.

True, most men would be done after getting Ko'ed horribly twice. Most men would..

but Rodrigo Nogueira isn't like most men, is he...