Big Nog wins

I am feeling lucky

won big cash on thiago silva and rosholt.

Big Nog somehow, someway gets this done.

Age will catch up and show with Randy

I hope Nog wins too. If he doesn't, I may hang myself.

Yeah, I took a loss with Maia, but I think he will be back in the future. Tough way for him to go out in his first loss


I have a feeling Nog may win this.

 Im 0-2 on the fighters I've wanted to win tonight so far. Im hoping Nog can save this night of fights for me.



What a great fight. Lived up to the hype. I only wish we could have 2 more rounds.

2 Living Legends!

wish i wouldve gotten my money in on it.

Big Nog is back and would love to see him re match Mir