"Big Perm" tests positive for Meth

Report: Persey Positive for MethamphetamineHeavyweight Tim Persey (Pictures) of Irvine, Calif., tested positive for methamphetamine following his stoppage loss to Jonathan Wiezorek (Pictures) last Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Persey, who was a replacement for Antonio Silva (Pictures) after the Brazilian fell off the FEG-promoted card due to medical concerns stemming from testing done by the California State Athletic Commission, faces a $1,000 fine and a six-month suspension.

"Mr. Persey has 30 days from the date on his suspension letter to appeal the suspension in writing and request a hearing before the California State Athletic Commission," said CSAC representative Bill Douglas.



^^ OH I see what you did there, tricky.

So he's gonna look like greg brady when he is done.

Crackheads think meth users are nasty. Thats how bad that shit is. Wiez would have kicked his ass anyway.

The meth robbed him of his perm

He is on the meth diet.

doing drugs=best way to fuck up your life

meth? better to commit suicide

Probably wanted black teeth too.

Yet, the fight answered the age old question of who would win if it was a fat white guy versus a fat black guy on meth with a bad nickname.

does using meth change facial structure?

dude i fuckin love those faces of meth videos glad that shit aint in jersey we just got lots of heroin

drugs are color blind!

This is the horrifying one.  These are all the same woman taken over several years (look at the booking dates):

So much for crystal meth making you skinny.

I have seen that guy fight a couple of times..he's pretty good. I hope he gets the problem cleared up.

Dang Big perm, Gota give you a hard time on this one. "Big perm on the shizerm"

Big Perm is a great guy and very professional in his conduct in the fight business. Wiezorek and he enjoyed a few laughs together prior to the fight. He has the best wishes from Wiez and company on his future.

"aka the Inland Empire in California"

Where in California is that?

Just pucked in my mouth a little. ttt for pictures of cranktankers

ecstasy will show as meth in a test too, so maybe the big guy was just rollin' with a hottie from the club. (the MA in MDMA stands for methamphetamine).

yeah I wouldn't rush to judgement tell we hear what he has to say