BIG promotions at Rey Diogo's!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Tatiana Diogo and Perry Hauck for their promotions to BROWN BELT!! AWESOME!!!

Also, our very own Jeff "Whaledog" Thaler has been promoted to the well-deserved purple belt!!!

Great job, guys!!!

Congratulations! Rey seems like he has a great team going and from what I've seen on video and heard from friends he is an outstanding teacher and nice guy as well. I'm going to have to take some lessons from him next time I'm in LA!


Congrats to Tati!!!

Jeez. I'm a screw-up. I'm still a white belt, like 3 years after moving away from Rey's.

I was there for Tatiana's purple belt I think. Perry was still a blue when I left. Did he ever get a blackbelt from the JJJ place he was training at too?


Thanks Dre!

Congrats Whaledog!

thanks perry

and congrats to andreh on his stripes and whaledog on his purple belt

btw, shen you are getting screwed by this black belts club cause i hear that the last guy in it only payed 950 a month


tell English Pete I said whats up! you are lucky to train with Rey, he is a great guy and great teacher. I was privaledged enough to meet the both of them about a month ago when the two of them were in Chicago for a seminar. and Pete beat me up last week when he was in town, just kidding but he tapped me a few times.


Congratulations to Perry, Tati and Jeff! What no one else mentioned was that Andre was awarded three stripes to his Purple belt as well. Congratulations to Andre as well!


LOL at Shen's post and thanks for the invite!
Andre - congrats!

I've had this one impression of Rey brewing for awhile...

"Yooooou count David Kota!"




I saw this guy Perry sparring at Reys place a few times ,he was like a submission machine ,submitting people with all kinds of submissions..

Did Mourat get his blue?

Congratulations Trolldog!!

congrats guys.

yeah, marat got his blue. thank god! all of us other blues were afraid to train with him cause he hurt our egos too much.

He is good..i told him before i left you gonna get the blue in a few weeks..


don mega, who are you. i train there regularly, so if you know marat, youd probably know me.