big storm out east

58 cm of snow accumulation thus far in halifax, many power outages and a state of emergency. nathan, is it bad in nb yet?

I just read that on YOu guys out that way take cover. I hope you're all ok.

no big deal really, unless maybe you needed an ambulance. i am just sitting here at home on the forum. anyone else out here logged in now?

Stay warm Kyle... don't wear your halloween outfit.

It is the storm before the NOT LETTUCE...

We had about 10cm here Colin. More windy than anything. Moncton got hit hard though.

Damn...hang in there boyz.

We will Joe LOL.

in related news, i banged an 18 year old first year university student today with dd's. since there were no cabs running because of the storm, she had to walk 20 minutes through blowing snow to the dal girl's residence from where i abducted her last night.

18 year old first year students in the girls rez are God's way of saying men will never have to sleep alone.

Colin we need pics.

Hope everyone is okay, and power is restored and roads cleared soon. please.

Joe is politely trying to post: dp/pp!

Nice work demandango, their is nothing sweeter than 18yr old bum!

Colin is my new hero! Now tell Kyle to get his ass outside and finish up his training hard by moving snow banks from one side of the street tot he other and back again using his favorite purple, plastic Barney shovel!

I just got my email back since the storm. Glad to hear you found a way to keep warm through the storm Colin.


There's a big storm out east... Hurricane Kyle!

Can't wait for this fight.

Mark, Great advice. 16 hours yesterday, And I'm on on my way back out. The gym was closed for the last two days so I had to do something. If Potvin shows dressed as a snowflake, it's over in under a minute. I've got a hate on for snow right now... still love Informer though. classic.

Total accumulation: 95 CENTIMETERS!!

... 15-20 on the way.


I can't believe how bad you guys got nailed man. I feel for you guys.