Big ups to the "Badman" Huckaba!

Just wanted to let everyone on the UG know what a good guy Dave the "Badman" Hukaba is. I fought for his local promotion last year and all I can say is that he is one of the best and most generous promoters I ever worked with. Since then we've been friends and what I've learned about him is that he's a hard working, blue collar, family man who is just trying to uplift his family and all the local fighters in the area. He always puts himself out to his fans and I'm glad his introduction to the world of nationaly televised mma was such a success. Congrats on your big win Badman, here's to good guys getting their shot and taking advantage! Phone Post 3.0

Anyone else notice he started throwing those weird Keith Jardine punches? Phone Post 3.0

Definitely seems like a cool dude. Best if luck to him. Phone Post 3.0

Beefy, you fought on Huck's Dawgs of War show? Phone Post 3.0

He needs to cement his legacy by fighting Dan Quinn.

Let's get naked!

Brian_WCN - Beefy, you fought on Huck's Dawgs of War show? Phone Post 3.0
Yeah, back in June of last year. I fought Demitri Moore for the lightweight title. Was a crazy outdoor show. Real gladiator feel fighting outdoors and all. They are throwing another one at the airbase October 19th, we got a few guys from our gym throwin down at that one. Phone Post 3.0

I was there too at the placer county fairgrounds. Huckaba is really good people Phone Post 3.0