Big Wes is the man

I have no clue why, but I am actually anticipating the return of Big Wes.

After he stomped on Mir's face, I was with the general attitude that he is an "idiot" for his behavior.

His rematch with Mir was the best fight of the night and actually redeemed himself ten times over with his performance.

Big Wes actually came to entertain, a trait lacking in the UFC. From the hype generated by the man himself, his ring antics, and his heart made him a welcome addition to this card.

I really hope Big Wes goes on to win this fight and battle Cabbage.

the rematch with Mir was an embarrasment

How was it an embarrassment?

I thought it was the best fight of the night

Where did my lats go?!

Wes comes off as one of the biggest idiots in MMA.

Tank at least says funny stuff on camera and you might argue that he has some charisma.

lol you know, for some reason i think hes funny now.

i mean i think he sucks as a fighter, lol, but he seems to be generally having a really fun time..lo.l like hes a big clown and this shit is all fun.

You know, I don't generally like the flash-over-substance types and those who are only in the UFC because they are "entertaining", but I think Big Wes is great.

I'm not sure what the difference is between him and, say, Baroni, but I really like Wes and despise that other guy.

It's odd. I just can't help it. I like the fact that Wes Sims is on this card.

Good luck big guy!

huge props for wes stepping up on such short notice.
that being said i think kyle's gonna ko him.

Its good to see that Wes isn't weighing in the 230's this time around. Last fight he just seemed like he should have held more weight. He weighted in almost 20 pounds heavier.

I would imagine weighing in 20 lbs. heavier had a lot to do with not training any at all for this fight.

"Came to entertain? Bullshit. He flipped the bird while getting choked. It's not like he
tapdanced. He did that because he didn't have the technical knowledge to get out of
that predicament. He was clueless from start to finish. "

I don`t know about clueless.
He flipped Mir the finger and got out of the choke and everything else Mir tried to sub him with.Guess it doesn`t take much technical knowledege to do that.

Say what you want but fighters like Wes are appreciated in a sport where everyone asks for everything they can get and worried about their records.

Sims was dominated by Mir in both fights, and his only shining moments in the second match came after Mir was gassed. He was dominated on the ground and then KO'd on the feet! That's not something anyone should be proud of. Sims does not belong in the UFC. He is just a big guy who has powerful training partners (Coleman and Randleman). That's the only reason the UFC ever looked at him in the first place. After Kyle KO's him, I don't expect to hear from him ever again.

That fight was embarrassing on both sides, because neither guy looked to be in good condition or executing a sound game plan. I have seen many fights contested at a much higher level on much smaller cards.

entertaining? The guy was horrible and showed nothing but cluelessness.

Mir dominated Sims but I just can't understand why he didn't submit him during one of his 78 fully sunk choke attempts.

TTT for the return of tard strength!!!!

You know, Mir dominated Sims. That doesn't mean Kyle will.

"That fight was embarrassing on both sides, because neither guy looked to be in good condition or executing a sound game plan."


More than what you could do.

fuck that stupid retard, he sucks


"I know you are but what am I?"