Biggest comebacks after big losses

Just starting to read the piece on Baroni and Rampage about coming back from losses got me thinking about which fighters were able to re-emerge in a big way after some big losses:

I think Baroni's KOs over Minowa and Chonan definately qualify after his 5 strait losses in the UFC (and looking horrible in his last loss).

Captain America of course has to be the top of the food chain here with his complete domination of the red hot and unbeatable looking Chuck Liddel (and then Tito, Vitor) ONTOP of reclaiming the belt once before already from Randleman after his losses in Japan.

Liddel's destruction in turn of Couture after losing to Couture, not looking so great against Overeem, and losing to Rampage but coming back to KO Tito and Randy is up there too.

Who else?

Sakuraba was never able to come back after his Silva losses (whether he could have or not if he fought MW and fought healthy is probably one of the biggest "what ifs....")

Rumina Sato has done ok after being the man so long ago but hasnt had the big wins to claw his way back to the top exactly. He got tapped by Pequeno in moving down to FW.

Jens, still hasnt brought himself up the heights he had, though he should def. get respect in facing one of the best and biggest LWs in Gomi after fighting at FW.

Will Terrel be able to turn the hype back into reality?

Busta had a W just recently (though over a B opponent) after a string of losses after his height as UFC MW champ. I believe he still has some big wins in him but how long does he have?

Hendo also seemed to plummet the same time as Rampage when both LHW favourites got dominated by Rogerio and Shogun respectively. Hendo's loss to Rogerio has to be his all time low, as its the worst performance ive ever seen from him.

Rizzo and Vitor imo had the biggest opportunites to make a statement and throw themselves right back in the top leagues in their recent Pride fights but both got stopped dead in their tracks.

Coleman winning the HW GP was a huge comeback after his 3 strait losses in the UFC.

Who else?

Minotauro over CroCop

Thanks for readin' it Wasa B. appreciates your taking the time to check it out.

In my opponion i'd say Coleman and Couture's comebacks are the biggest yet, atleast as far as I can think of now.

And although BJ never had a string of losses, he did in a sense comeback to his previous "Prodogy" aura after his destruction of Matt Hughs. People weren't paying as much attention to him anymore after his loss to Jens and his subpar preformances afterwards.

kevs ko of crocop

Randy's comeback after his losses to Barnett and Ricco tops the list IMO.

Coleman's GP win was a joke, a decision win over a much smaller Shoji, not even a fight in the semi's and a win over an exhausted Igor adds up to a fluke to me.

Couture. Nobody expected him to beat Randleman or Rizzo. And hanging in there with Josh and Ricco like he did at that weight (what most LHW's fight at) is just incredible. I've trained with all those guys except Ricco, let me tell you: if you saw my 170-180 lb. ass next to Couture, you'd think we weighed the same. Seriously.

I have pics of Josh and myself where it's ABUNDANTLY clear that I'm a small welterweight.

Severn after losing to Shamrock in the Super fight, then destroying everyone in UU1.

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Nog over CC was a huge comeback WITHIN A FIGHT itself, im talking CAREER comebacks.

I think Couture is the undisputed man here, but what are some others...


COLEMAN Winning the GP.

 Baroni is on fast track now as well.

Tanner? I guess he did lose in a big way to Tito but i saw his winning the title more a "finally, the man breaks it big and gets his due..."

I remember everyone jumping of the Vanderlei bandwagon after he lost to tito. That was followed by like 20 straight victories for Silva.

Add Lawler potentially to this list, his train was on high speed, derailed off a cliff, and now looks like its building steam again with his TKO of a hot Vitale...

You mean Baroni never lost 5 strait times because he has lost 5 times.

I dont disagree with the fight Tanner fight being a NC but Tanner proved the man in the second fight. The point is, Baroni's recent KOs are a good example of a great career comeback, thats ok, ya?

Though it wasn't a string of losses, Nogueira's victory over Cro Cop after the savage beating he took from Fedor was pretty impressive.