Biggest upset of 2017?

Fuuuck, Jacare just got lit up.

The odds were actually pretty close considering.

Nah people just beed to start giving Whittaker the respect he deserves

No way, you'd have to be crazy to count rob out enough for that to be considered an upset. 

Whitaker looked good. Jacare just couldn't put it together. I'll admit, that fight made me want to watch Whitaker fight again, and quick.

damn Jacare, always a bridesmaid :(

After robs last couple performances, I had a strong feeling he would win this one.

not an upset imo... i fully expected whitaker to win have him in parlays and straight up... unfortunately I took nelson and stephens before and couldnt go as heavy as i wanted... I told my friends earlier this week i wanted to get the bankroll to a grand and put 500 on whitaker like a dummy i was on my account while half asleep yesterday and fucked myself by clicking on something i shouldnt have 

Rob had the right game plan.

Odds were damn close. What you smokin op?

Not in my eyes. I had a feeling whittaker would be able to keep the fight standing and win it with strikes.