Biking for BJJ Cardio?

Anyone here ever bike for cardio? Does anyone have any good workouts involving biking and hills? I'm wondering if this would be effective for bjj competition training, thanks.

everyone's different but i have about a 14 minutes ride back to work from the gym after i do weights. it's a flat 14 minutes but i figure i might as well do some hiit and it works for me.

i stay in a low gear and pedal fast and get my HR up to about 80-85% for 30 seconds or so then relax and just pedal normally... blahblah you know the rest.

it helps and it sure beats jogging for 30 minutes a day.

I put an old gi & belt on my bike frame to make it more realistic.

Seems to help.

I don't know how often Marcelo Garcia bikes, but I heard him say once that he will ride his bike to and from class on occasion. I dont't know if it's part of his workout or just for a relaxing ride. Just FYI...

And I forgot to say that I'm thinking about biking instead of running from now on. My knees and shins are getting bad. Hope it works!

I totally agree with the above... Good cardio and good grappling cardio are not the same. I will only be using it (riding a bike) as a weight control/loss type of cardio. something to break a good sweat and get my heart pumping. That is what I used running for as well, but as I stated, my knees have been bothering me and I think I've developed some shin splints...

I bike to class sometimes as a warmup, but I don't think it really makes a difference.

Explosive circuit training seems to work best for me other than just grappling more.

Swimming also works well for me, because you have to control your breathing better.... or you'll drown. LOL

its a workout,and if you want to be great at anything,its what you do when other arent.when others stop training ,your still working out.