Bill Lewis goes to jail?

some say BL is a wma allie or using a false name

william paul lewis?

what is an "allie"?

Anyone remember the sitcom Kate and Ally?

No, but I remember Joanie loves Chachi. Joanie may have loved Chachi, but nobody else on the face of the earth did.

Remember the female street gang on Happy Days that kidnapped Chachi and was going to shave him bald?
That was BAD ASS!

Re: Ben Stiller referencing JLC on Dodgeball.
Man, how many people in the audience even remember that show?

is chachi puerto ricon

no. Italian

I actually have never seen Joanie loves Chachi. I only know if it because it was referenced by Kirstie Alley in the much inferior but still pretty good Kirstie-Alley-era Cheers.

Kirstie Alley went from mildly attractive obnoxious whiner to grotesquely hideous fat obnoxious whiner in record time. She must have gotten married.

'Come on barbie lets go party' - my new cell ring also most of the first part