Bisping claims Till had serious knee injury before UFC Vegas 36

He essentially defrauded fans with that move. He didn’t ever have the ability to put on a capable performance but came in like he could anyway.

I understand he needs to get paid, but it’s another boneheaded move from him. They never seem to stop coming.

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I wish fighters would quit with the fucking excuses already. If you choose to fight injured and lose, deal with it. Don’t use it as an excuse going forward. Everyone fights injured, yet only some use it as a crutch for a loss.

Also, Till may be the most overrated fighter in the UFC now that Gus is nowhere to be found. He’s just not the championship level fighter they’ve been trying to sell him as.

Isn’t the big revelation here that Darren Till is actually Brazilian???

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He did live there for a while, and speaks fluent Portuguese.

Es normal.