Bisping is the REAL Mayhem

What has Jason Miller done to warrant the nickname 'Mayhem'?

Put his sister in a headlock?

He has little to offer to the gods of mayhem beyond his wacky expressions and yakuza-style laughter.

The best mayhem that 'Mayhem' has ever managed is to earn himself a brief kicking from Cesar's boys on TV.

Now Mike Bisping on the other hand, he is constantly sparking huge controversies over his antics. There are multiple 100+ post threads about him at the moment, full of enraged nerds screaming for his blood! He causes aggravation wherever he goes, especially if it's on television. He's been on TUF no less than three times, and every time he's created multiple situations where, if there were no TV cameras around, there would totally have been a fight. You see, if you flick a pebble at Michael Bisping, he'll come chasing after you with a brick in each hand, that's just his personality. And that's a recipe for mayhem!

So-called 'Mayhem' Miller talks trash when he's winning then goes silent and sheepish when he's losing. Bisping talks trash when he's losing, and then talks MUCH MORE trash when he's winning!

Mayhem fouls a fighter and gets a NC and starts crying with remorse. Bisping fouls a fighter and gets away with it, then beats the fighter up and then calls the fighter a faggot and spits on his corner!

Mayhem has his "monkeys", what do they actually do? They just kiss up to him really, that's it. Bisping's followers kiss up to him AND ALSO cause massive aggravation to everyone on the forums, leading to flame wars and bannings and freezings all over the place.

Clearly then, from the forums to the cage, it is Bisping who is the real master and creator of mayhem.

His mayhem output DWARFS!!! that of jason miller.

So I propose we give Bisping a second nickname like so:

Count 'Mayhem' Bisping

and give Jason Miller a more appropriate nickname such as:

Jason 'Occasional Silliness' Miller.

With warmest regards,

Dr Violence

What a lovely photo, thank you frederic

 lol frederic


I like your well thought out post but you must have missed the Mayhem Jason caused with his breaking and entering antics with his ex some years ago.

Hahaha at first I was like really?!? But then I lol'd so, good job Phone Post

LOL Phone Post

I agree 100% but Bisping is still a douche

Fouling a fighter, calling him a faggot and spitting in his corner is Bispings "mayhem"?

I see that as more of a downturn for the sport. Phone Post

panic686 - I like your well thought out post but you must have missed the Mayhem Jason caused with his breaking and entering antics with his ex some years ago.

It was not without some consideration that I decided not to mention this, I thought I'd spare him the embarrassment since it was not so much 'Mayhem' causing mayhem, so much as him being pwned by a woman romantically, and then being pwned by her new beau physically, and then by the law legally, just a barrage of pwnings really, rather than 'mayhem' as such


i think michael "i cant believe hes still alive after he talked shit to hendo and suffered the mother of all knockouts" bisping would be a more accurate nickname