Bisping Plans to Put on Show for Hometown of Manch

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UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has finally regained consciousness after his devastating knockout defeat at UFC 100. The gritty Brit has dusted himself off and is promising excellence in his next Octagon appearance, which just happens to be in front of his hometown peeps of Manchester, England.

“I can’t wait to fight in Manchester again, it will be good to fight in front of my own supporters again,” Bisping told the Manchester Evening News. “I want a top fighter in Manchester. I want to get back up there straight away. That’s what I have told the UFC.”

He certainly didn’t look his best in his 2ndRound knockout loss as Dan Henderson controlled the fight from start to finish. Bisping lacked the relentlessness that had him on the brink of a title shot had he been victorious, and that is perhaps why he wound up down for “The Count.”

Although Bisping may not have had the killer instinct that night, Henderson appears to have awoken a sleeping giant with that right hay-maker. Bisping has laid down a daunting gauntlet for himself, which is capped off with a rematch against the MMA veteran.

“I am going to kick someone’s backside in Manchester in front of my hometown crowd then fight again as soon as possible and then rematch with Henderson,” Bisping stated. “That wasn’t the best of me in the ring in Vegas (at UFC 100), and I want another crack at him.”

UFC 105 is slated to jump off inside the Manchester Evening News Arena and word on the street is that the UFC and Spike TV intend on making it available for the everyday low price of $Free.99 via same-day tape delay.

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Does any one else find it funny that they refur to Bitchbing as ( a SLEEPING giant)? Best discription ever!! Maybe he should just stay at home and fight nobodies. He should try justifing his so called win over Matt Hamill.