Bisping says Daniel Cormier's deep hate is source of negative comments on Jones' heavyweight title prospects

Is Bisping right?

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Also, the sky is blue, shit stinks, and we’re all gonna die one day. Utterly insightful analysis there Mike.

It’s nice to hear someone say DC is wrong.


Has Jones stated what his target weight is for HW?

IMO, a good HW weight for Jones is 230-235lbs, I feel like anything more is going to have negative effects.

Doesn’t matter. Bisping is a dumb loudmouth fuck and people shouldn’t listen to what the hell he says. Would you take psychology advice from a bricklayer?


Agreed, busping is a fucking dope, always has been. I dont like DC that mu h either, but what DC said was true. Atleast that’s how I see Jon against those 2 beasts.

His target goal is having his PED suspension over.


Well, Jon hasn’t tended to fare nearly as well against people his own height and size so i can get where Daniel’s pessimism is coming from on Jon’s prospects at heavy.