Bisping should call out Sonnen from the Octagon

Bisping needs to adress this guy in public and he will pretty much set up a number 1 contender fight.

This would be fun but it's a terrible move for Bisping. Fael would destroy him in the banter then just wrestle fuck out of him for 3 rounds. Phone Post

Chael would murder Bisping.  Leadup to the fight would be legendary though, I wouldve loved to see these two coach TUF against one another

That would be epic and would make for some amazing hype but I'd like to see Bisping v Maia with Bisping getting the title shot if he wins that one.

Bisping/Maia is a much better fit for Bisping IMO Phone Post

 After he loses? Not sure that would be the best timing.

Not a big Sonnen fan but he would beat Bisping for sure. Maia is also a terrible match for Bisping.

 I'd like to see that match

the sounds bites alone would be legendary

As coaches on TUF it would be hilarious. And at the end we would see another Team Quest guy beat the shit out of bisping. Sounds like a winner.

 Sonnen would hurt Bisping badly but I agree, the lead up and verbal hype between the two would be mind bottling!

Calling out Chael or Brian Stann.

I would love to see him fight Brian Stann.

lol sonnen would absolutley destroy bisping

Poindexter is correct.

Why do people think Bisping is so good? What top fighter (top 5) has he beaten?

Daverr - 

lol sonnen would absolutley destroy bisping

 By laying on him and pillowfisting him for three rounds.......

set this up please