Seeing Mike dismantle Luke with such calm efficiency, on the back of outclassing Anderson Silva suggests he's ready to sort the 205 crowd out. Luke was being heralded as potentially the GOAT middleweight, Bisping made a complete mockery of that perception.

People have said for years Rockhold or Weidman should go up and challenge Jones etc.

Well now the real threat from 185 has emerged in the form of Michael Bisping. He's previously fought at 205 so it wouldn't faze him in the slightest.

The fight would also be a huge revenue earner. This is a no brainier, ticks all the boxes.

Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, whichever of you wins, enjoy it whilst it lasts...You're about to get served some prime British Beef. Phone Post 3.0

I'd expected some nonsense, but really?

Dodge135 -

I'd expected some nonsense, but really?

He fought a prime Rashad Evans at 205, a fight many people thought he won... Phone Post 3.0

.5/10 Phone Post 3.0

Cawsie77andConorTouchedMe - .5/10 Phone Post 3.0
Hmmm Phone Post 3.0