Bisping was also undefeated

It's not about the sport with Dana, it's all about business and lining his and the UFC's pockets. I've noticed their focus on finding and maintaining fighters with unblemished records - and if a fighter who's on a bit of a run gets into a bit of trouble, ie goes the distance, NO QUESTION the judges are instructed to lean towards the undefeated UFC champ. There are a lot of similarites between the Bisping/Hamill fight and Machida/Shogun. But its not about the fans - why should I pay good money to see something that to a large extent could be pre-ordained? And how much further does it go?? How many other things are rigged?

Well anyway. I wont be throwing any more money towards the UFC, Dana can kiss my entire ass, and I hope more follow suit. This isn't boxing but the way it's going it wont be too long before it all levels out in a business sense.

Unfortunatly its not a grand plan by Zuffa

the judges really are that retarded! Wich makes it even sadder