BJ and GSP on morning show

 Was the weirdest interview, BJ didn't look at GSP once, nor at interviewer for that matter. Look like he was pissed at being there. GSP didn't look that happy either.

 I like when BJ said "UFC fighting is the biggest sport in Hawaii", guess he hasn't read the HG lately :(

I believe BJ has eye in on this forum,

he just didn't want to reveal himself by using HG-isms.

can you imagine if BJ said "Pics or it never happened"?



BJ was grumpy because he was late for the interview. He prob caught an earfull from the UFC publicist.

 He stared at the ground almost the whole time, even when talking he never looked at the girl interveiwing them or GSP.

damn. i recorded 2 hours and only got Dana's interview.

 dana was on khon2, BJ and GSP were on KHNL8

Wow! Not very professional.