BJ/Diego meet in middle of Ring

im surprised there isnt a thread about Diego's tail tuck during the interview last night.... BJ called him out on throwing in the center of the cage and he backed out.... anyone got the vid?

yes... but they cut out the last comment by BJ

 I think Diego, like the rest of us, had no idea what BJ was asking.

What the hell are U taliking about....

Cant wait for this fight. Im rooting for Diego. Win or lose he will give it everything he's got and make it a very exciting fight

Diego doesn't have the hands or the head movement to stand and strike with BJ.

no wonder BJ has never been knocked out, look at the size of his jaw and head compared to rogan and sanchez. it looks like there is a cinder block inside his head

ohferfuxsakes - 

BJ looks fucking pissed.

His mom likely put his diaper on too tight and he's uncomfy

Tuck? Diego said he was looking forward to it in response.

How can you dick tuck someone you're fighting in a week? 

BJ will prove his dominance over 155 after next Sat.

 haha ttt for dick tucking

dont think it was one but .... ooooh

it's hard to see anyone beating bj at lw. but man is he goofy. then again so is diego.

this is like battle of the crazies. bj will be entering licking blood off of his hands and kissing trannies, and diego will be entering to his tony robbins mantra.