BJ=Greatest MMA Disappointment

BJ is the most talented fighter I have ever seen, Fedor included, yet he seems to have no heart for the sport. Cardio is a major part of this sport and he seems to want nothing to do with it. He showed that his cardio was inferior against GSP, and showed it in a major way against Hughes. He OWNED Matt in the first 2 rounds and came out like he was dead in the 3rd. Put Matt's heart against BJ's ability, and that fighter would never lose.

My point? BJ is wasting his talent by not trying to be the fighter he could be, which might be the best there has ever been.

yes i totally agree,bj would be the greatest fighter ever if his cardio was better,but i dont think its the heart he lacks,u gotta consider that he wanted to fight at 170 if he would of been running and doin alot of cardio then theres no way he could of put on the weight,but i think a 155 good cardio bj beats anybody

In my opinion you need heart to get great cardio and cardio is the hardest part about training not the technique or even sparring.

Hughes escaped the submission attempt before the horn sounded.

BJ is a major disappointment. He's definitely the most talented fighter I've ever seen.

beerbelly states,"...Put Matt's heart against BJ's ability, and that fighter would never lose...."

Actually the UFC made that matchup tonight. It was Matt's heart against BJ's ability and Matt won.

J. R.

Cardio shock my ass.

He has no cardio, and that's not a shock. This has been shown SEVERAL times.

BJ has great potential, but that's it.

He needs to get off his ass, quit being content with being the best fighter in the world for the first 5 mins of a fight, drop back to 155 and get to work.

Yeah, he may not like 155, but he looked like he still had weight to lose tonight and was at 166 for the weigh in.

Too much, too early for him. Now he must prove his potential.

"bj would be the greatest fighter ever if his cardio was better"

No, Gomi would be the greatest fighter ever if his grappling was better.

Or Nog would be the greatest fighter ever if his standup was better.

to clarify, put Matts heart with BJ's ablility and that fighter never loses.

bj is up from 145. In great shape hes like 150 or 155.

"Grow up. When you attempt a submission no-top for 2 minutes, oyur body goes into cardio shock. Might wanna train or figh a little to experience it. Attempting and failing to finish a sub is the fastest way to gas, bar none.

Giv ehim credit for going for broke. 10 more seconds in round two and this thread doesnt exist."

I give him tons of credit, BJ is an amazing fighter.

That being said, I don't recall anybody gassing that badly that quickly at that level of fighting. BJ isn't some guy fighing at strikeforce or KOTC...@170 the UFC belt is the World Title and maybe the decidedly PFP shoe-in as well.

BJ came ready to fight and win but his body didn't. Maybe there was something wrong that we didn't see, maybe he didn't train right, maybe he pushed it too hard early. Maybe it was a combination of the three.

I think it's due to immaturity as a fighter. BJ is naturally gifted, and fairly young as well (at 27). Given that, he will be fighting for a long time, but I think he has won most of his fights thru unusual freakish talent and heart, but not work eithic.


BJ is a stud. He is probably more gifted than most MMA fighters today.

But I think being so gifted is also his downfall. The fighting game comes
so naturally to him that I don't think he has had to work as hard as many
of the other fighters in the game today. He needs a camp that can push
him and really make him work so that he can improve his cardio, which
seems to be his only weakness. But Matt Hughes deserves respect. He is
a real champ and demonstrated why he is the most dominant
welterweight champion tonight. Good fight.


Man too many Hughes nut-huggers on here. I don't know which fight you guys were watching, but BJ owned Hughes. Sure he gassed out, but he took this fight on 6 weeks notice. Give the guy props for stepping up.

Hughes is classless claiming that he hoped BJ would have lasted the full 5 rounds. He should thank his lucky stars that BJ gassed.


most prodigys dont train that hard when they know they can do everything better then everyone else...

just listen to bj in the pre fight interviews. i think his mentality is his downfall. if he doesn't want to do it, he's not going to do it. whether its going up to big bear, sparring, dieting, etc. when he wants to do it, then he'll do it. if not, no one's going to change his mind.

oh well. he did it his way for the past two fights and the outcome is the same. wonder what this will do for his next fight.