BJ PENN and his team!!!

I have been informed by Sean Sherk that his fight in Hawaii was a disaster!

Sean fought Kalaeo Padilla last night in a event in Kona.

Sean dominated the fight, but it was obvious that the fix was in. From the promoter to the ref to the time keeper. Sean was threatened by fans. A fan tried to throw a bottle at him during the fight and he was just plain SET UP!!!

Padilla fled the ring 3times, grabbed the ropes and was given mercy by the time keeper! The REF did nothing.

It was scheduled for 5minute rounds. At "about" 3minutes in the first with Sean holding side control, throwing bombs and Padilla's arms secure, the bell sounded. WHY????

There was over a 3minute break between rounds for Padilla to gain his breath.

Sean immediately got the takedown at the start of the second, took mount and started bombing again. Padilla rolled, Sean sunk the choke and Padilla tapped.

Then a RIOT broke loose. Padilla was fixed to win. The fans were mad. Sean was jumped in the ring and sucker punched in the back of the head.

If not for BJ Penn and his team Sean would have been in a world of hurt.

This was a B.S. event and one of the top 3 170lb fighters in the world was treated like crap.

Sean was escorted from the arena, rushed to a waiting car and taken straight to the hotel.

BJ's team came to the rescue!

On behalf of Sean and Minnesota Martial Arts Academy we would like to thank BJ and his Team.

To the rest of the fans, the promoter and those involved in this event you are luck you are on an island far, far away from team MMAA!!!


WTF, that is a shitty deal. Sean Sherk definitely deserves better, in fact there is no fighteralive that deserves that.

BJ is an awesome individual! TTT for BJ Penn!

Let me clarify.

Sean is from Minnesota. He was in Hawaii. A riot broke out. It was 2,000 to 1. BJ's guys got his back and got him out of there.


3t's for who these pieces of shit are.....

Let's make sure EVERYONE knows who the promoter, ref, etc. were

so no one else ever has to be put in danger again.

Thanks for the info. TTT for Sherk and Penn. Class of Penn and his boys to back up Sean in the riot.

If you support BJ Penn then please join us at his new unofficial fan club...

BJ "The Prodigy" Penn Fan Club!

There are really some stupid and ignorant people in this world. Why the hell did those fans do that? And why would someone like Sherk be in a lesser organization anyway? He did not deserve any of this. I hope he gets paid by that irresponsible company, and that he's alright.

1) I hope sean is alright

2) That's sounds like the Hilo crew I know and love. Always have your
back when the @#$! hits the fan.

3) How the heck are you doing Damian? :)

Sean is okay. He was obviously shaken and VERY pissed.

He called me last night at 4:30am central time.

In typical Sherk fashion he told me the story, said he wanted to stay in the ring because "I wasn't afraid of all those F%$#@'s" (it was 2,000 against like 10). BJ's guys rushed him straight out to a waiting car.

He was concerened over the loss of his lucky mouthguard.

For some unknown reason his wife decided to stay at the hotel during the fight. Thank god!

Yes he got paid.


We sent you a "present" in a package to David. Hope to see you guys soon.

This kind of shit turns my stomach.Sherk is one of the classiest fighters in this sport,for him to be treated like that is horrable.

Sherk should stick to fighting in the bigger promotions like Bushido,ROTR,ICC,TKO,etc,etc.

Good shit that BJ's crew came to the rescue,If anything would have happened to Sherk there would have been a 747 full of pissed off mo fo's heading for Hawaii.

Prob some dumbass is gonna use magical mouthguard thinking he will inherit Sean's skills.

Ya think frodo is gonna have to swim all the way to the west coast then walk to Minnesota to prevent the Mouthguard from falling into the wrong hands?


ttt for BJ and his crew

Sherk would not be Gollum,after seeing the way gollum took Sams back and sunk the hooks going for a rear naked has lead me to believe that gollum must be a Gracie or Gracie affiliate.

Sherk is the lord of the mouthguard,waiting for his mouthguard to return so he can complete his world domination.

TTT for sherk's mouthguard!

no, he would be Gandalf in that analogy perhaps?

TTT for Sherk and Penn

Huge respect and thanks to BJ Penn and crew for
helping Sean out. Shows lots of class, dignity, and
honor to step up and help out the outsider in the face
of the home town crowd.



This is fucked up!

Oh it will be found,the nine are boarding a boeing 727 has we speak,all it takes is for someone to put the mouthguard in thier mouth and Sherk will know,he will see them.

Fred is right though,much props to Penn and his crew for helping the outsider.

Has Penn ever met Sherk before this happened?