BJ Penn and Rumina Sato rolling

Fuckin A that's badass. Rumina Sato was my jiu jitsu hero growing up. I was like 14 ordering shooto tapes off ebay dreaming of flying armbarring somebody like he did to Taylor haha. Damn I really need to start rolling again...

I want to see BJ return to some grappling tourneys. Im sure the game has changed a lot since then so it would be exciting to see.

I would love to see a vid of this roll

shin2chin - I would love to see a vid of this roll





Sato looks old

He was so fucking cool back in the day

Sato @ Canadian JJ tourney

Love it. Phone Post

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the MAN!

I'm crying.

Stoically. Phone Post

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I'm guessing in a competive roll, BJ would destroy Sato.

And, I am a huuuuge Rumina Sato fan!

Voted up as soon as I hit my laptop. Awesome pic! Phone Post

Subbed for the video

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