BJ Penn surrounds himself with new faces

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                                BJ Penn surrounds himself with new faces

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Ariel Helwani: I don't see your familiar coaches, why did you switch things up for this camp?

BJ Penn: We are are just rying to get  a different look, trying to get some new ideas.

Our last two fights did not go the way we wanted, and we are all in agreement that we want to put something together and get a victory.

I think Hughes does bring something special out of me ...  and I think when I come out if Matt goes Man that is BJ Penn back, I think that will make Matt Happy

AH: How do you envision the fight playing out?

BJP: Half of it is a secret, and the other half, I don't know.



 Uh oh...New camp? This is what everyone's been saying. Let's see if it works for him.


Im not sure if Rude Boi and Justin McCully is much of an improvement over Rudy and Jason...

While bj is confused with how to train at 164 lbs Matt Hughes has been undergoing hrt and will be an testosterone filled animal come fight night Phone Post

Is Troy Mandaloniz really his head trainer?

That's what it said on the countdown show.

ohferfuxsakes -  BJ sounds different, is acting different.  I think he finally came to terms with the GSP thing.  He's going to light Matt up Saturday, it's not even going to be funny.

Well played, sir...I forgive your earlier spoiler.