BJ Penn vs. Anderson Silva

Just heard this rumor.

Joe Silva make it happen.

I heard it from a couple of guys in the fight scene.

Big Joey is tight with Dana I'll have you know.

Loiseau and Silva would be the better fight for the UFC. They would both stand and strike. Penn and Silva would be at 170 and I dont think Silva has fought at 170 since shooto. I would rather see Penn fight Parisyan.

Bwahahaha, I seriously expected when Joey was doing the keylock to yell out, "Uhh, he's not tapping."

Either one of them can win the fight and I dont see B.J. trying to do his normal stand up but probably quarter back sack Silva and try to work a submission.

I know it's not on file but I'd like to see B.J. x Newton I think Newton is tough to beat when you dont have the wrestling game of Matt Hughes.

pointless matchup. doubt it's true

Whats up with that guy in the video. His range of motion for lifts are weak! lol

LMAO at Goku's video!

LOL @ big Joey


"BJ would kill anderson. Anderson was submitted by Chonan and Takase."

Chonan pulled that sub out of his ass. he was getting handled up until that moment. I'd actually take Silva in a rematch.