BJ Penn-VS-Genki Sudo...K-1

can someone please tell me where this rumour was seen?

i cant find it on any websites

does anyone have any idea what Penn was offered?

i hope they match Penn with Bang soon too!

where was this posted?

i dont think genki will last long agianst penn

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It was postde on Japanese news sites from an interview Penn did with the media here while attending the K-1 MAX. And he was talking about a MMA fight under K-1's MMA promotion FEG

i'm surprised there's nothing at about this

inside word said so. Unless something changes he WILL be eating Genki sushi for lunch.

"genki didn't fight duane because he was ducking him"

That's hilarious! Definition: NHB Neophyte. Sudo fights Butterbean, fights K-1 rules against a champ, fights heavyweights, but he's ducking a guy he already dominated. Go figure.

" he WILL be eating Genki sushi for lunch."

Real insightful. This has totally convinced the world Penn will destroy Sudo. About is convincing as "Genki WILL be eating BJ Poi for lunch". Silly kid stuff - Like Al Bundy's green meat attacks, these guys are having a double digit IQ attack.

Genki will win by ANYTHING HE WANTS rd 1. I guarantee i, Baby Jens Penn has no chance. He will try to hug Genki against the ropes for the entire fight ala Matt Serra and Caol Uno and he will lose the decision in Japan. But I think Genki knows Penn doesnt actually want to fight him and he will counter Penn's hug technique. again Genki by ANYTHING HE WANTS rd 1.

Penn should fight Kid.

That'd be a heck of a fight!

I believe Genki has a chance...

Kid is too small....

Genki will fall....

He never had plans to leave the UFC......



i think bj against the kid or genki in japan would mean a HUGE payday for bj

Edit: I think Genki vs BJ Penn in MMA rules would be an even fight. But in pure standup, I would give the edge to Genki since he's actually won K-1 fights before.

"Genki will win by ANYTHING HE WANTS rd 1. I guarantee"

Hahah your guarantee isn`t worth shit. You ever tried to get your money back with one of those things?

He better have another long boring stupid entrance because Penn will mess him up so fast he won`t be able to act stupid during the fight.

im a huge Genki fan, even more so than i am of Penn, but hed get wasted against Penn.

I like Sudo but hes trying to pick and choose his UFC fights and has turned down a few good fighters in UFC

Hey darren if you were a fighter you would understand.. why fight in the ufc for peanuts and fight in japan for some real money.. yeah everyone wants to see him fight bang in the ufc, but why fight for peanuts when he can go to japan for twice as much money.. plus the ufc screws fighters...

Kikaida 'kanotoa' Kamenrida wrote:

Penn Vs Genki would be hot. Lots of action. Penn vs Bang would be over really fast as Bang can be taken down easy and I don't think his sub skills are good enough to prevent a sub unless he gets a really fast stand up.

braddah_shano808 wrote

yeah, i also dont think Bang has much chance against BJ. I just want BJ to beat him so i can recognize him as the REAL champ!

BJ deserves to be recognized as the Lightweight champion and, i think he can hold two titles at the same time...IMO, he's today's(MMA version of), Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones, jr....all in one!

I really don't see anyone beating him anytime soon...of course, this ll depends on his training and attitude but, as long as he stays focused he should attain "greatness" in MMA.

Frank Shamrock once had this opportunity and IMO, he threw it away. He never really beat the best and he was recognized as the best(at least potentially the best and, the best conditioned fighter and ATHLETE alive).

BJ isn't Frank Shamrock though...and unlike Frank, i dont think he'll let down his fans. BJ has been fighting the best since his 2nd fight when he KO'd the Lightweight's #2 contender in Din Thomas. Now he has beaten the PFP #1 fighter and has gone further in his success than did Frank Shamrock.

Shamrock WAS my favorite fighter. I loved his attitude, charisma and fighting style. He fought like true warrior...and did it seemingly almost effortlessly. He was awesome to watch...but, he never lived up to his full potential. He left the game and when he came back he didn't fight the best. He also had a hard time against mediocre opponents.

Thank God for BJ Penn! He hasn't dissapointed. He has what Frank had but he has taken it even further.

I just hope that what he meant about not fighting but once a year, was that he really will only DEFEND his title(UFC), only once a year. God forbid we would only get to see BJ fight once a year...that would really suck.

But he's already rumoured to fight Sudo in K-1 so, evidently it's the latter that he meant!?

I think maybe he only intends to defend his UFC title maybe once a year. He could easily hold both the Wleterweight AND the Lightweight titles and still fight in non-title fights in Japan or wherever the money is.

What do you think?