BJ Penn's 1st UFC title defence?

Who is the number one contendor to BJ Penn's UFC Welterweight championship title? GSP? Diego? Newton? Karo?

Penn won't win.

"What UFC Welterweight championship title?"

The one Hughe's is keeping warm for him till after UFC 63.

GSP, Diego, Karo, Riggs, and then Hughes. Sounds about right?

Yeppers!!^^^^^^Except I would replace Riggs with Koschek

Oh shit, I forgot about him and the winner of TUF. Okay, revised:

The winner of TUF, GSP, Diego, Karo, Koscheck, Riggs, and then Hughes.

hughes will get a rematch

We know... see my list. :P


I dont think Penn will beat Hughes again. If he does though, has to be GSP.

the thing is, bj fought gsp already s maybe theyd wanna give him diego

I would say GSP followed closely by Diego.

Okay, 'cause I'm bored:

The winner of TUF vs. Champion (as promised by Dana) aginst:

Winner of: GSP-Diego vs. Karo-Koscheck

Seems only fair to me.

If penn don't get the win quick I see the tide changing in matts favor the longer the fight goes.

GSP deserves the title shot more than anybody else, then maybe Diego if Penn wins the title.