Bj Penns fight team

I was in Hawaii to see the ROTR and I gotta say that Bj Penns fighters looked really good. First Royden Demotta punished his opponent in the 1st round and the corner threw in the towel to stop the fight. The next was Kaynan Kaku who took Santino down numerous of times. Santino who was the more experienced fighter looked as if it was he who had only 4 fights. The other fighter I wanted to see was Ross the boss Ebanez but he was injured but was there to coach his teamates. The last time I was out here He had a good fight and showed that Bj penns fight team is for real. I must say that Bj does a good job in selecting his fighters to put on a show. I bought the DVD of the ROTR 4 and I hope they make a next one. TTT for Bj Penns fight team. I just want ot know who else on his team is top fighters or do they have more tough fighters?

clubfighter you never came and said hi to me I'm sad now

hey who are you? I was at the weigh ins with a couple of buddys from Cali. I was sitting by the food table!

the food table at the back??? hmm let me make this easy I was sitting at the very last table in the back with Cabbage where were you?

did you have the glasses on? with that sexy outfit?

To be honest I was sitting in front of Marsh.

no that was Lia I am sure you are talking about this girlcheck my profile I have a picture there couldn't miss me I was all over the creation!

sitting in front of Marsh? Hmm I thought one of my friends was sitting in front of Marsh....could be wrong.

To pinpoint where I was. my table was next to Ross the Boss, Royden Demotta, and Kaynan kaku. Oh and Charuto came by after. Were you in the jeans jacket?

yes yes yes! tis was me how long were you there?

hoo sexz who's da lia chick!!! :)

a friend who just moved from hilo to honolulu

if you would've contacted me you could've came to the afterparty with everyone else :)

From the begining! Ok I remember you and your friend. I think everyone was looking at your friends skimpy outfit. One wrong move and things would be hagning out. lol lol

yeah and she kept complaining "I look like a hootchie" well yeah hello!!! lol

were you wearing a blue shirt with spikey hair???? I think you were sitting by Divina (my friend who sang the national anthem) *tries to remember*

Well any ways TTT to bj penns fight team.

LOL a hootchie from what I heard from some guys at the hotel was she got it, and got it good. LOL

I believe this picture was for the UG

I didn't see her after the weigh ins
what hotel was that?? lol

Where the fighters were. Thats where I was.

honolulu prince????

the ghetto? lol