BJ=TERRIBLE Corner/Coach

It is hard to see how ANY of those guys can be succesful in their fights with him in their corner.

Pretty crazy how things have unfolded so far.

I do wonder if his coaching style is as lazy as his cardio has been for his most recent fights.

Crazy talent but maybe thats not an advantage for him.

you can't teach talent. that's why bj isn't a good coach; he doesn't have the best grasp of the fundamentals himself but gets by on his talent. then when he tries to teach his scattershot training to someone else they crash and burn

i guess he's never stopped by BJ penns!

I never said anything about not having any BJJ game.

I said that he sucks as a coach/corner. Just picture yourself in the ring with BJ "GOOO, GOOOOO.....OK NOW GOOOOO"

Listen to Jens, Serra in the corner and see how their guys respond.

BJ and Jens were both great coaches, but they only have a limited amount of time to work with us and we come to them with years and years of habits and what not.

They did the best they could, it's up to the fighters to do their jobs, and some did it better than others.


catchy - hahahah, there was almost a HL Ko in there! Brandon hits hard, man, and he's light on his feet. I'm sure there will be some victims of his soon enough.


"BJ Penn is maybe the most technical American BJJ guy on the planet"

i dont' question his bjj, even though he almost never wins a fight by sub. i don't even question his striking or wrestling

i'm just questioning his ability to train other fighters and corner other fighters

i said he doesn't have the best grasp of the fundamentals

meaning he didn't learn in a program from the ground up, the way wrestlers or whoever do, meaning that he can't teach someone step by step because he didn't learn step by step, he just skipped steps because he could

"Also, what would you have done in the Wang fight? What could BJ possibly have done?"

i think if you look at BJ's relationship with his guys and Jens's that there's a clear difference. Jens wasn't picking guys to fight if he didn't feel confident in them and I think BJ doesn't have the kind of control of his guys in the training room that Jens or other coaches do and that shows in the ring

the argument "BJ's guys are only doing bad because Jens is picking off his weak ones" has less and less going for it the more wins Jens's team gets. You think Gabe, the guy who came in 22lbs over weight, is one of BJ's strong guys?

if Jens is 7-0 going into the last opening round fight, will it still be "oh BJ is an awesome coach, Jens is just picking off his weak guys" still? How many weak guys does BJ have on his team, do you think? at least half of them, that's what you've already said

I gave my opinion on what I think is going on with BJ, because i've seen alot of talented guys do the same thing and not make the best coaches. If you don't like my opinion or agree with it, that's fine, i'm not going to sit here and try to "prove" an opinion with lists of reasons or whatever, because that's impossible by definition

i believe he's strong skill wise but weak show wise because i dont' think he'll have much left after cutting the weight

lol i hear that