BJJ Belt Promotion

My instructor, Armando Basulto (known here as BJJsavate), recently earned his BROWN BELT in bjj!!

David Adiv, Royler's representative in the east coast (you can see him in Royler's new no-gi book), did a seminar for us yesterday, and promoted some peeps to blue, and one to purple.

Then David just turns to Armando and says "I have one more promotion, man." Armando says "who? that's pretty much everybody." David says "nope. You're getting your brown belt."

The seminar ERUPTS with cheering and clapping!! I screamed myself hoarse I was so happy for him (about damn time, IMHO!!).

Of course, when it came time to go through the "whipping" tunnel, nobody really hit him too hard. LOL!! (except one guy, who's gonna get choked).

The man earns his brown belt, while coaching savatefighter2 for his debut at the Ile De France this december (the first american to be invited to the prestigious savate competition), and 2 more students for their MMA debut in January.

Give it up for my main man, Armando/BJJsavate!!!

4 Ranges


Armando - Congratulations.

4 Ranges – Will you be at the show in January?


Nope, I'm retired from competition. Besides, I'm gonna be sparring with these animals anyway, so it's not like I'm gonna be missing out on the fun. :)

If I am not mistaken your guys will be competing at the show here in Lexington KY. As of right now I have nine people fighting in that show. This is the third time it has been done and it is turning into a very nice show. It is the nicest all amateur event I have been to.



Yes, you're right, I think that's the one. We're all very excited about it.

Congrats Armando.

-Matt Thornton



Congrats Armando.


It was getting a little crazy having such a sick purple belt! Congrats Seef.

Aaron: I am really excited about January. It's my first MMA fight and I can't wait.



Thanks guys! :-)

Can't wait to see you guys down at the KFC (and I don'lt mean chicken!)




Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you and your guys on this end.

My email is


That was a great story. Congratulations, Armando! Wow, it would be cool for this to happen to me someday. ...back to the gym I go...


very cool! congrats!