BJJ Black Belt now in Ontario

Roberto "Risada" Atalla is in town and available for privates and classes untill Tuesday of next week.

Roberto is a black belt world medalist in BJJ and other grappling competitions. He is known for his very unique techniques and strategies

For more information on Roberto or his classes/seminars, contact Gerry Di Santo

Heres some clips and more info on Roberto.

Modified Clock Choke

open guard pass


Atalla wins British Sambo Nationals in 2003 (-82kg)

On a side note, Roberto just showed me a crazy new Darce choke variation with ONE ARM!!!

What town/area?

Just curious Rick... why TWO threads saying EXACTLY the same thing?

Mike Sweeney, because two is better than one!

Wiley, he will be around St. Catherines

How can I argue with that logic:)

Risada is the man!

Hi Guys
If you can't make it to Gerry DiSanto class, we will be hosting Roberto for 1 day on Saturday August 18, 2007 at Niagara Falls,

It will start at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm call me for more info



Hey Jerry, Hope the seminar went well with Roberto..
I was trying to get to the seminar but was working with the Police on SAT night and there was a crazy accident right at the beginning of the shift so was stuck there with them so couldn't stop in...... Is he going to the Mundials... I will be down there for a few days..