BJJ Black Belt to teach for you

Guilherme A. Maia, BJJ Black Belt under Ricardo De La Riva, is looking for a new home to teach BJJ, Submission Wrestling and NHB/Vale Tudo. He is a strong fighter and a good teacher with many champions from his academy in Brazil.

Gui is willing and able to reloacte to the United States or Canada to develop and maintain a program for BJJ. He is well educated with a Degree in Business Adminstration and is able to work on all aspects with a partner including marketing, sales, web design etc.

You can reach him for more info at or call Chris Malgeri at 248-616-0580 for a contact in the US.

mike, im a student of marcello, today i had a private with guilherema, and you guys will not be disapointed,
he is a great guy and a awesome teacher and a friend.
a couple of my friends and i are already making plans to visit him, once he is settled in.

Ron garrett

you can reach gui at marcello montiero's academy 317-890-1033 for a short time.

he was there today.