BJJ Brotherhood

Went to a club last night downtown Vancouver, and while waiting in the VIP line, noticed the bouncer had a Gameness Toque on.

I asked him where he trained BJJ at, and I guess it took him by surprise, but found out he trained at Marcus's in Vancity.

Anyways, to get to the point, instant bonding. Got to talking about training, though brief, was cool to find another BJJ'er. Vancouver is almost the opposite of where I moved from Los Angeles in terms of people who study BJJ. I have walked in to Grocery stores in LA and run into people who train BJJ. So finding people who train up here, other than in class is pretty cool.

That's great to hear, man. I wish I could experience that some day. Actually, I've wanted to visit Vancouver for some time now. Who knows, maybe I'll go there sometime and check out the BJJ gyms? Cheers, man.

In LA I am seeing more and more people with BJJ shirts. I still remembering seeing a guy with BJJ jacket years ago and finding out about schools to train at.

I wear a Pedro Sauer ballcap most days and different BJJ t-shirts a lot on weekends. I average once a week getting asked about bjj by strangers. Since my sons are instructors, I'm happy to give people the info.

I've worn my Gracie Jiu Jitsu Hoodie a couple of times downtown Vancouver, usually get a lot of blank stares. LOL


Let me know when you make the trip, would be awesome to roll with you! :)

Vancouver WA?

Vancouver BC?

Cool story,knee.

Bjj stuff can be useful in other ways too.

Cut a long story short...I had a guy get out of his car to cause trouble...I got out too...had a Gracie cap on...he started towards me, looked at me...saw the cap...and sorta smiled, pointed to his head then me, shrugged and started to backpedal, apologizing all the way.

The threat is worse than the execution? :)


that's a cool story IC...
now where's my bad boy shirt?? :)

Here's a funny story:

I was taking a stroll down my hometown last week, when a man walks up behind me and taps me on my shoulder. Immedially I think, hey, I didn't even crank his arm yet and he's tapping already. I then realize that my mind has been wandering and it's not tuesday's BJJ practise.

Anyway, the guy asked me if I trained in Jiu Jitsu, I said yes, and he said that he was just visiting the town. I asked him where he was training and he told me he wasn't really training at the time. So I reached in me wallet and pulled out my business card, which said "JONPALL'S JIU JITSU ACADEMY". I said to him, "if you're ever around and want to train...". He looked at the card and said "Oh, you train with jonpall?". I said to him, "I AM jonpall".

His jaw literally dropped. Jeez, I think he almost shit himself due to the exitement, but it was a bit embarrassing, as I'm not used to the celebrity lifestyle. I ended up giving him a t-shirt.



Daydreaming again Jonpall?

lol jonpall!

LMAO @ jonpall|!!!

shoulda started ya own thread spin man hahhhhhha


Vancouver, Canada! Canada's best kept secret, and again the best place to live in the world! :)

I have been there. Nice city and nice people as well.

Just look out for those Hells Angels. Those guys run this town.

Nice places to train BJJ there as well. Soares and Megaton rep.