BJJ Bullshit Self Defense - Rear Bear Hug Defense

What do you think about the classical BJJ Self Defense stuff? I don’t like it, and I think BJJ has much better techniques to deal with modern day self-defense scenarios. In my YouTube miniseries, I will show 1 classical technique in each episode and I will explain why it doesn’t work. Then I will show you a modern, simple and realistic approach to dealing with this certain attack. In this video, I will explain the defense against a Rear Bear Hug when your opponent is grabbing under your arms. If you have questions just put them in the comments and if you like my videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Love your videos!!!

That said, that is just a basic high school wrestling escape.

And definitely effective.


I use a lot of wrestling hand fighting for my BJJ. Definitely very important…


2 on 1 and cut with the inside elbow while bridging your hips away.


In my curriculum, I too have replaced a lot of the “BJJ self-defense” with, primarily, basic wrestling.

I find it annoying that in this one area of BJJ, people don’t think the art should evolve. In reality, it’s the area of BJJ that needs the most improvement.

So I applaud any BJJ instructor who makes an honest effort to teach responses that are a little more practical and realistic!


Dim Mak works better, fool

Is there a wrestling solution that trumps this? I don’t think so.


no can defend

Every problem has to have a jiujitsu flavor answer.

That’s why jiujitsu is stupid

There needs to be a vast gathering --of the greatest grappling masters-- where they brainstorm a practical solution for this terrifying attack!

So far, no one has been able to figure out anything better.

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I’m more impressed by the elbow blocking technique :roll_eyes:

Lower your level, hips down and out, two on one to break the grip. The key is to move away as you lower your level and are working on breaking the grip.

Good vid btw.

I think the Valente Bros should instead do that thing that McConaughey did to Woody in True Detective.

“just apply a couple pounds of pressure. snap your wrists.”

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Break the wrist and walk away