BJJ contract vs. matt fee...

As far as I know, there's only one school in my area (philly) that lets people train with no contract. They require a 15 dollar "mat fee" for folk like me who like to pay as they go.

Is this a thing of the past? I wonder what percent of BJJ schools out there today still do business in what I think is for some a more practicle way.

Kneeblock -  Only more practical if you don't want your school around very long.

Not Neccessarily. Maxercize has been around since the early 1990s.

If you want to down right guarantee you gym will only last 6mo tops and be full of shitbags who dont care about it or you... by all means use the pay - as - you - go method

This has been done to death, if it was a good way to go people would be doing it. No one does, that should tell you something

And if the school offers both ways...?

I doubt I'm the only one around here that skips a week at a time for one reason or other. Plus what about all us field engineers who are in another city for 3 days and wanna roll? And business people, etc. There's gotta be a market for it.

Anyone know ANY schools ANYWHERE doing the mat fee thing?

My school offers a 1 year contract, Month to month, and a $20 per day option.

Most are on a 1 year contract or the month to month.

Cool. Ain't heard of month to month.

We do paid in full contracts, monthly paid year long contracts(I think that makes sense how I said it), and a mat fee of $15. We charge $59-$125 per month, so people that do the mat fee are usually only in town for a couple days, other wise it's not worth it.

Cruz Gomez

Step Van - Cool. Ain't heard of month to month.

Month to month is awesome. I was training and wrecked my quad bad, I flew over the handle bars, landed and then had to guys run over me. Jacked my back up, which was already bad, and I ended up with 3 months of physical therapy. I called my coach, he cancelled my membership, when I'm done with physical therapy I get to go back and start paying again.