BJJ DVD Instructionals

I'm shopping around right now for good instructionals on DVD. Any suggestions?

I've read Bill Lewis's reviews, and he highly recommends the Mario Sperry Master Series, as well as the Carvalho DVD's. So I'm looking into those.

I own the Leozhinho set, and I've gotten a lot out of those.

Are the Kukuk sets as bad as Bill says?

Depends what you're looking for, I suppose.

Although I HAVE to recommend Roy Harris' BJJ 201 DVD, if you don't have it. It is AWESOME.


Kukuk A-Z is great, especially for the very low price.

Bill Lewis mainly reviews WMA products, so he doesn't even have reviews for a lot of good stuff that's out there.

Check out the reviews at instead.

Andrew Yao is correct. Check out the reviews @

  • If you're looking for a 'gameplan', go with Sperry
  • If you're looking for a level-appropriate sylabus, go with Harris
  • If you're looking for what to do from/with a specific position, go with Michael Jen and also check out Modeiras

Rene is correct.

Also Margarida's DVD is fine for a mid-level white belt. There are a lot more out there, you need to be more specific with your experience level and what you're looking for.

Randy Bloom and Rey Diogo from Island!

3 stripe blue. 5 years of bjj. Something more "encyclopedic" would be preferred, so it's a good reference for the experienced student, but enough "modern" stuff (like Leozhino) to get me thinking and creating. doesn't have to be an "all in one" package.

I agree with rene.r's selections. I would also add Stephan Kesting's OMO PLATA and KNEEBARS DVDs if you're interested in comprehensive coverage of specific topics.

With your background (boxing, etc.) you might also appreciate Matt Thornton's FUNCTIONAL JKD tapes available from With SBG you'll get a range of stand-up skills as well as ground work.


REALLY....don't believe anything lewis writes.

rene is right...and BJJ201 gets an A+...

the best dvd any gi grappler could buy is Mike Swain's "Complete Judo." Watch this dvd and you'll really see how closely related bjj and judo are. you also get over 40 really is great

Someone archive this thread, when it's done. Thank you guys, you give great advice.

Check out the Kneebar and Omoplata stuff. Some pretty advanced stuff in there.

Nathan Leverton's tape

For intermediate level material, check out Rodrigo Medeiros' DVDs at Island. Great stuff, lots of moves with combinations that flow.

"I learned a really cool, simple armbar from the guard tht i had not seen before. I pulled it off the first time i tried it, and I suck from the guard! i aksi showed it to a couple guys, and they pulled it off as well."

what armbar is this,quick description??

have have old school kukak/renzo, i thought they were good.

4 Ranges, the Kukuk set is the bes deal in grappling videos today. 13 DVD Videos for $99. Cesar Gracies set is 9 videos for $59.99. Renzo Gracie is the same, 11 videos for $99.  

Don't buy from Paul/Lewis,he's bad for our commuity,too many other good BJJ companies selling BETTER stuff and newer,and on top of that they are real people that give a damn about you and not so much about your dollars.

John Frankl Catamount Seminar DVD


Viele is my hero!