I'm reasonably sure this thread has graced the underground but I would like to know of a few reputable websites where one could order reasonably priced BJJ instruction DVDs or BJJ tournaments DVDs(worlds, pan ams, brazilian, etc).

can't beat budovideos for selection. Ordered over 10 times and never had a problem with their service.

i usually receive my orders from budovideos within 1-2 days. those guys rock.

Hold your money. I am about to post a review for Island Entertainment's 'Ultimate BJJ' Series. It's very good and comprehensive. More to follow in a day or so.

If I may plug my own site:

OTM Online Shop DVDs

Two personal favorites

The Golden Cup 2004. Check out the line up! Galvao (brown belt), Telles, Terere, Jacare, Xande Riberio and more! Most of these matches end in submission as well! Only 14.95 right now, I really, really, love this DVD.

Oscar de Jiu Jitsu 2 One of the biggest Jiu Jitsu events ever, this had 20,000 spectators witness Royce Gracie vs Wallid Ishmael as the headliner, but also had some other tremendous bouts on the card including Marcio Feitosa vs Shaolin, Daniel Gracie vs Roberto Traven, Fabio Gurgel vs Saulo Ribeiro and Dave Camarillo vs Fredson Paxaio. Remastered from the original source (as oppossed to the grainy footage available previously), going for 19.95

Just got Danny Darrows and Randy Blooms tournament of Pros dvd,alot of great fights on this,all black belts,another super product from Grapple tv.

Go to my site,

There are several outstanding DVDs for sale on there now, and will be many, many more in the next few months. I'll be adding training gear, clothing, gis, and weapons as well.

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guardinha is quickly on the way to winning my "annoying spammer of the year" award.

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