BJJ for a full year

If you could do BJJ for 5 hrs every day, mon-fri, for one year, and you came in as a complete novice, what belt level would you be at the end of the year?


Purple or close to it.

Depends on what you actually do in those 5 hours.

four stripe blue with a purple tint.

I'd probably be demoted back down to white belt, due to my body being crippled from overtraining.

Depends on the individual, how they train, and how well their teacher can actually instruct.  Their training partners will also play a significant role in their development.  Training time alone is not enough to gauge progression of skill.

beginner blue belt

I think it also makes a great difference how you divide your training time. I mean that if you train 5 hours straight, it won't be nearly as effective than e.g. training 1,5h in the morning, 2h at noon and 1,5h in evening or something like that. This of course is simply because of the fact that you can absorb and store only that much new information in a certain amount of time, not to mention how much more efficient it is to train when you are rested vs. exhausted. I think that it is also more effictive to divide training hours to different days, so that if you could divide eg. 6 h to one week, it would be better to do 4x 1,5h than 3x 2h or 2x 3h etc. Of course there also is a minimum limit how long one training session should last.

Well, this was just one point to consider. I mean most of the people here, if put to train 5h/day mon-fri, would have to spend every other week just recovering and trying to heal up. And this of course would be even more so if we would take "an average joe" who has not done any previous physical training.

So really depends on the individual and of course the instructors, schedule and training curriculum.

no stripe white belt

just kidding

it all depends on the person, son

One injured mofo.

That, or probably a decent blue belt.

If you didn't overtrain or get injured, I'd say blue. Maybe purple if you were a gifted athlete.

I would guess most consistent bjj'ers go about 3 times a week, 3 hours a time (overestimating).

Thus, with that type of schedule, you are packing in approximately 2.8 years, in one year.

Having said that, most people are still blue belts with less than 3 years of consistent training.

I'd say you'd get close to purple, assuming you train smart and have good rolling partners. I went to USA 2x for 3 months and trained every day for a few hours and made blue belt at the end of the 6 month stint, and i'm far from being a phenom.

I think given an ordinary guy with ordinary abilities he might be able to make purple, or at least high level blue belt, assuming you don't hurt yourself.

Training hard 25 hrs a week is over doing it. Damn thats like a part time job.

Yeah i found when i was training that i'd do mon-thursday two trainings a day at 1.5 hour each, SOMETIMES i'd do fightclass as well which was a 1.5 hour before BJJ, but that was only sometimes. THen one class on fridays and saturdays. Maybe if you factor in 30-60mins of weighttraining each day you can get there

beginner blue; don't rush the belts... see how you do in GI and NO Gi tourneys...