BJJ Gi Tourney Montreal, Oct 4, 08

GAMMA will be hosting it's next BJJ, Gi tournament on October 4, 2008 at it's location in Montreal.

Always the best in local competition, GAMMA will again present an exiting opportunity to grapple with the best of the Montreal region's fighters.

For information contact or check the link at the website at

See you there.


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Whats the weight classes ?

Here is all the info.

2008 GAMMA/BTT Canada Open Fall Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship

Tournament Date: October 4th, 2008.

Tournament Location. The tournament will be held at GAMMA, The Gelinas Cultural Martial Arts Academy in Montreal. The address is 429 Mayor, Montreal. We are located right downtown, near the corner of Bleury & de Maisoneuve, and are one block from the Place des Arts Metro.

Drivers are advised to go to Bleury & deMaisoneuve and drive down Bleury to Mayor St.

Weigh In and Start Time. The weigh in will be from 10:00 am to 11:30 with the tournament following immediately after the draw is completed. The tournament will run continuously from 12:00 noon.

Tournament Facilities: There will be two full-size mat surfaces available to help the day run smoothly and efficiently. A snack bar will be available on site with drinks, sandwiches, and fruits. The school is 8000 sq ft and has plenty of room for everybody.

Tournament Fees. The tournament will cost $45 (in advance) or $55 (at the door) to compete, and $10 for spectators.

Match Length.Matches will last

5 minutes for White Belts.

6 minutes for Blue Belts

7 minutes for Purple Belt and above

Required Equipment. A clean Jiu Jitsu or Judo kimono (gi), No T-shirt or rash guard under the kimono (except women’s divisions). Athletic supporter and mouth guard. Knee pads and ear guards are optional. No shoes can be worn.

Decision of Winners. Winners will be decided by either submission, by point accumulation or by referee’s decision.

Men’s Draw

There will be 6 Weight classes.

147 lbs and under .

160 lbs and under.

174 lbs and under.

187 lbs and under.

200 lbs and under

Over 200 lbs.

There will be 3 Skill Levels:

Division 1 White Belt

Division 2 Blue Belt

Division 3 Purple, Brown & Black belt.

Absolute Division: There will be an Absolute Division for the first and second place finishers in each weight class and skill level The rules applied in the Absolute Division will be those used in Division 3.

Women’s Draw

There will be 2 Weight classes.

132 lbs and under .

Over 132 lbs.

There will be 2 Skill Levels:

Division 1 White Belt

Division 2 Blue Belt & over


Points Awarded

Throw /Take down 2 Points

Sweep 2 Points

Pass the guard 3 Points

Mount 4 Points

Rear Mount, hooks in 4 Points

Knee on Stomach 2 Points

Submissions Permitted
Arm Bar

Rear Naked Choke

Guillotine Choke

Triangle (arms or legs)

Shoulder Lock (Umoplata)

Wrist Lock

Hammer Lock (Kimura)

Paintbrush (Americana)

Knee Bar DIVISION 2 & 3 ONLY

Achilles Lock DIVISION 2 & 3 ONLY

Prohibited Techniques 1

Fingers to the throat or eyes

Choking with the hands

Small joint manipulation


Attacking the Groin

Neck Cranks

Grabbing clothing (except for waist band)

Prohibited Techniques 2 (Flagrant Fouls)

Body Slam from the guard


Hair pulling

Arguing with the referee

Heel Hooks



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Thank You

Philip Gelinas