BJJ Gi useful or a hinderence?

No, no, this isn't a gi vs. no-gi thread.

This is a "are bjj gis useful when training gi or do they make you lazy?" thread.

Here's the deal. If you buy a bjj gi you get a stiff collar and a tight fitting gi that makes it hard for others to choke you out or get handles. However, does that make you lazier? Would it be better to practise in a judo gi (less stiff collar, makes it easier for others to choke you out and looser fit makes it easier for them to get a handle) and then only get a decent bjj gi if you start to enter competitions?

I am curious because a judo gi saves me some money...

the judo gi idea sounds good

When I started BJJ, I used a Judo Gi; the Gi cut into my neck several times. The thinner the collar, the easier it is to get burns and cuts from it. (Just food for thought)

maybe i dont get GI choked enough but maybe thats why you see alot more of the cross collar chokes in judo

I have one Swain judo gi, and it's pretty decent, but nothing compares to my Atama gold weave! Almost 2 years old and no sign of wear!

My 1st quality Gi was a top of the line adidas Judo Gi. The collar on it is actually allot thicker & stiffer than my Koral BJJ Gi. When I started wearing the Koral I got caught in more collar chokes.

i like what laimon said. using a gi is like grappling w/ ankle weights. when thge gi comes off you are still going to be able to kick ass in no gi.

I used to train Judo before BJJ... I started BJJ with a Judo gi,
I got tied up all the time.... the sleaves were way to baggy
and the longer shirt made it much easier for people to control
me... I bought an Atama single weave for $50... the Atama is

HonkeyStyle, so the Atama made it easier for you do well, making it easier for you to learn as well?

MDSUB, do you find training in the Addidas gi is a detriment when you train bjj, or does it not make a difference?

thanks guys

MDSUB, do you find training in the Addidas gi is a detriment when you train bjj, or does it not make a difference?

If I can butt in here and try to answer this question.Having owned and trained with a Adidas judo gi in a bjj class,I can honestly say that the collar is very thick and hard to get choked with but the thicknes and bulkiness of the gi makes rolling turning and slipping on the ground very restrictive.

The gold weave Gi allows superior comfort while getting into intricate positions,the problem seems to be that some gold weaves do not have such thick collars.

I'd say if it saves you money, go the Judo Gi.

Generally speaking Judo Gi's are made to a very high standard (i.e. strength) so are unlikely to let you down construction/longivity wise.

How your gi choice impacts on your skill development is another matter altogther. I'd expect you could liken it to people using training aids in other sports... e.g., weighted boots in running sports etc. I'd think unless you're at an elite level your time would be better served training within the 'normal' bounds of competition rather than outside.

I think you would be fine with either one, but the BJJ gi just looks cooler! ;)

Seriously though, I dont think the gis made today offer that much protection against chokes. They are tighter to the body than judo gis and that makes them a bit more difficult to use against you, but I dont think the difference is enough to influence the development of skills.

Interesting question. I train with both a judo gi which is long, baggy, and has a thin lapel, and I train with a competition cut jiu jitsu gi.

I am only rolling with blues and whites, so I have not noticed a difference, but training with a gi is like running with a parachute on. It definitely forces you to hone your techniques to a refined level. Therefore, I would assert that training with the most dangerous gi is the best way to train so as to avoid lazieness and to give less experienced guys a chance to test your choke defenses.

I got tired of my boyz pulling the judo gi (jacket) over my head, twisting the collar tight, and then calling out "TURTLE !!!!!!". While I try to stick me head out somewhere where I don't have to break my own sweat.

But, that's just me. I guess it's a personality defect.

Also, just to clarify...

Howard's Kimonos used to have really firm collars that made it really hard for the wearer to get choked, but I believe that he has since softened them a bit to make them more compliant with the regulations of some tournaments.

Hard, and thick collars also make your training partners better at thier chokes. They learn to get in deeper.

"HonkeyStyle, so the Atama made it easier for you do well, making it easier for you to learn as well? " yes

sweet, thanks guys

I assume that the club has gis for sale, I will check when I go next week. I also have to buy a new judo gi though (haven't done judo in 2 years almost!) and I want to go to judo once a week to get it back...(miss the throw). So buying 2 gis at once...still, I guess it is just a one time expense. But it adds up!

I hate gis with stiff collars. Its takes away from the fun of rolling sport bjj, and it is not fair to your oppenent. But a nice light bjj gi. I personally like Machado and Koral gis.